SEFA Committees and Committee Chairs
SEFA 1 Fume Hoods

Robert DeLuca - LabCrafters, Inc.

Javier Arguedas - Waldner Laboreinrichtungen GmbH


Installations/Scope of Work/

Dealers/Project Management

Ron Johnson - Haldeman Homme

Dennis Brewer - Brewer Construction Svcs.

SEFA 3 Work Surfaces

Valerie Ross - Trespa, NA

Hank Von der Bruegge - Durcon

SEFA 7 Fixtures

Mike Straughn - WaterSaver Faucet Co.

Dave Withee - Withee Works

SEFA 8M Metal Casework

Norm Hawley - Mott Manufacturing

Denis Coons - Bedcolab

SEFA 8PH Phenolic Casework

Arnulf Penker - Fundermax

Jonathan Broman - Trespa

SEFA 8PL Plastic Laminate Casework

Kevin Kovash - TMI Systems Design Corp.

Maximilian Kriegel - Waldner Laboreinrichtungen GmbH

SEFA 8P Polypropylene Casework

Ken Dixon - Air Control, Inc.

Frank Conner - TFI Inline Design

SEFA 8W  Wood Casework

Brant Kelly - Diversified Casework

Wayne Cathey - ICI Scientific

SEFA 9 Ductless Enclosures

Kevin Gilkison - Labconco Corporation

Kevin McGough - Air Clean Systems

SEFA 10 Adaptable Casework Systems

Bob DeLuca, Jr. - Lab Crafters

Chip Albright - Creative Solutions

SEFA 11  Liquid Chemical Storage Cabinets

Sascha Kunkel - asecos, GmbH

Gregory Rice - JUSTRITE Mfg., Co., L.L.C.

  Advisory Board

Lloyd Fisk - RFD

Charles Klee - Payette

  Code of Ethics

Pete Daniele - L M Air

Hank Von der Bruegge - Durcon

  SEFA International

Ingo Sternitzke - Trespa

Eric Stimac - Jeio Tech

  Lab Ventilation Design & Management

Kevin Gilkison - Labconco

Tom Smith, ECT

  Strategic Goals

Ken Dixon - Air Control, Inc.

Dave Withee- Withee Works


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