SEFA Five Year Plan

 SEFA’s Five Year Goals

(Compiled by SEFA’s Board of Directors 7/18/2000)

  • Current practices are completed and have become standards; 

  • At least one self-funding, profitable, on-going educational/professional development activity has been implemented; 

  • Twenty (20%) percent of budget revenues are from non-dues derived income, e.g., website seminars, sale of products, etc. ;

  • The various Fume Hood industry constituencies, eg., UL, Industrial Hygienists, ASHRAE, etc., work together through SEFA to address issues and create standards.  (This is one example of several possible momentum building programs of SEFA).  Possible vehicles: Fume Hood seminar; “summit” meetings; A Certified Installer Program is active, meaning installers are being certified and certification is being specified; SEFA standards are recognized as authoritative and are integrated into AIA, CSI   and other guide specification programs; Casework Standard SEFA 8 includes increased specific performance requirements, based on materials used (steel, wood, plastic laminate, polypro, phenolic, etc.); 

  • Meetings include multiple program/track choices to meet members varied needs; 

  • Meetings include on-going program presentations regarding contracts and contract management; 

  • Shorten cycle-time between committee meetings by using the web or other means, outside of semi-annual meetings to accomplish objectives; 

  • At least three additional types of Associate Memberships exist, with at least ten (10) members in each category; 

  • The membership is surveyed by Board before each meeting regarding issues; about sixty (60) days out and by phone or face-to-face if possible.