SEFA's Big Audacious Goal


Fall 2000 Conference - Savannah Georgia

What will SEFA be like in 30 years?


Recognized as the preeminent authority in promoting quality and safety in lab design

Has dominant influence over lab-related constituencies

Operates annual trade show/convention for the laboratory facilties community, i.e., facility managers planners/designers, engineering firms, contractors, manufacturers, installers, dealers, etc.

Labs are installed with SEFA-certified installers

All labs are constructed with SEFA-certified products

All labs have a SEFA-certified facility manager

All lab projects are supplied by SEFA-certified dealers

All lab projects are managed per SEFA-approved contracts and conditions

All projects have SEFA-certified project managers

Labs occupied only after an owner orientation program (SEFA Certificate of Occupancy)

The internet/web is the key tool for accomplishing objectives (i.e. don't have to use traditional methods of communication)

Adequate revenues are generated to accomplish annual objectives

Scholarships are given to 10 individuals annually for study related to lab design and/or lab facility management

Certified Lab Planner is the prerequisite for the lab design community.