About SEFA

The Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA) was organized in 1988 to meet the needs of an important industry of lab designers and manufacturers of laboratory furniture.  A company whose work is principally in this industry can be eligible for membership.  SEFA's members work closely with laboratory owners, architects, contractors and others to advance the goal of creating a safe lab environment.

Simply stated, member companies have defined SEFA's purpose as:

To accomplish this, SEFA provides the industry's only forum for addressing problems and crafting solutions in the areas of:

  • architecture, construction, lab planning, engineering and customer relations;

  • supplier issues

  • common manufacturing concerns.

SEFA takes a leadership role in advancing the cause of good laboratory planning. SEFA's member-directed package of services reflects the importance attached to cost-effective construction and delivery, lab space use, safety, productivity and environmental issues.

The association operates with a professional management staff and a member-elected Board of Directors.   In addiition, SEFA has organized an impressive array of Committees to meet the needs of the association's membership and to advance the goals of the organization.  The most significant of these goals being the development of SEFA's Standards or Recommended Practices.

If you are interested in finding out more about SEFA's Committees and the important work that they do, please contact the SEFA offices or the designated Committee Chair.

SEFA Recommended Practices

SEFA members work together to establish, monitor and modify as needed, industry-wide recommended practices in the areas of fume hoods, laboratory work surfaces, furniture installations, casework and fixtures. Other areas of common interest are also being explored.

At present SEFA Recommended Practices have been established and published for:

These Recommenced Practices can be purchased from this website individually by clicking on one of the above links.  They are also collectively published along with other pertinent industry information in the 4th Edition SEFA Desk Reference which is available in a printed binder edition or an electronically on a flash drive.    

SEFA Committees are actively drafting Recommended Practices in the following areas -

  • Project Standard (SEFA 6)
  • Product Certification (SEFA 12)
  • SEFA Laboratory Ventilation Design & Management

Because SEFA is an association, all members have the opportunity to participate in the development and monitoring of these industry-wide Recommended Practices. The Recommended Practices are invaluable tools in proposal writing, contract negotiations, installation and work procedures, as well as liability and responsibility determination. They promote better understanding and relationships between member companies, architects, contractors and end-users.

Through SEFA Recommended Practices, member companies take charge of the conditions and environment in which they work, raising the level of responsiveness in their industry, thus providing the customer with quality products and services.

If you would like to have more information on SEFA or about its services, write:


SEFA  Executive Director/ General Counsel David J. Sutton, CAE, JD

65 Hilton Avenue
Garden City, NY 11530
Voice: 516.294.5424
Fax: 516.294.2758