November 6-8, 2019 - Kerry Hotel - Pudong, Shanghai

labtech China Congress 2019 | Safer & Smarter Lab Design and Management

labtech China Congress 2019 will be held on November 6-8, 2019 at the Kerry Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai. The conference is hosted by Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Messe München, and supported by Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA), Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS), and EGNATON e.V. labtech China Congress 2019 is powered by analytica China, the leading laboratory industry event in Asia, and aims to improve China's laboratory planning, construction, management and services. It promotes the harmony between the staff and the laboratory, and focuses on safer, smarter and more sustainable laboratories.

Big Event in Shanghai: 5 Themes, 100+ Lectures, 100+ Experts and 3000+ Visitors - With 3 forums, 30+ seminars & training sessions, 3 Live Labs, 10+ support events, and over 800 square meters of exhibition space, the three-day conference will feature over 100 Chinese and international scientists, architects and lab experts to share innovation lab technologies and developments with 3000+ participants, and discuss on new opportunities and challenges the Chinese lab will face by 2030.

1、labtech China Congress - labtech China Congress will feature five major themes: Laboratory Design and Planning, Smart Laboratory, Laboratory Environment and Safety, Laboratory Efficiency and Management, and Harmonious Development of People and Laboratories, and offer over 100 expert talks on the latest topics in the industry: the design of scientific laboratory installations, Hangzhou West Lake University - the future of scientific research, Next Generation Laboratory design for Scientific Facilities, Lab 4.0, laboratory innovation and safety in the 5G era, the lean laboratory concept and its role in the improvement lab management and efficiency, Siemens intelligent weak electricity laboratory, EHS laboratory management system and methods, case studies of zero-energy consumption lab buildings, R&D laboratory assembly construction and sustainable lab applications. The conference aims to give an in-depth description of the status quo of laboratory development, and open up new ideas for the future.

2The Frontier Forum on Life Omics and Its Transformation - The Frontier Forum on Life Omics and Its Transformation - Molecular diagnostic techniques and new trends in its clinical applications will focus on hot topics such as methylation detection, single-cell sequencing, liquid biopsy, and artificial intelligence. The forum will give an overview of the interaction between new molecular diagnostic technology and its clinical applications, and promote the development of life science and precision medicine. The forum has a long list of important sponsors and undertakers: the sponsors include Shanghai Biomedical Industry Association, Shanghai Bioengineering Society, Shanghai R&D Public Service Platform, Shanghai Pudong Science and Technology Association, and Shanghai Pudong Bio-industry Association, and the undertakers are Shanghai Biotechnology Corporation and Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd. It is chaired by Prof. Zhang Xu, an academician from the Neuroscience Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and feature over 20 experts, professionals and industry representatives in molecular diagnostics.

3SLAS Life Science Forum - The SLAS Life Science Forum is co-organized by Messe Muenchen Shanghai, Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) and MGI Tech. About 500 participants are expected, including government officials, scientists from commercial and government facilities, researchers and technicians from pharmaceutical companies, research institutes and CROs, as well as representatives from other academic organizations. They will discuss on the research findings and technological innovations in drug development and life sciences from different perspectives such as small molecules, natural products, and macromolecules. Technical experts from Roche, Amgen, Wuxi App Tech, Berkeley Lights, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese National Human Genome Center at Shanghai, and BGI Life Science Research Institute will give talks on target confirmation, high-throughput screening, translational medicine, antibody, NGS, and single-cell genomics. Along with the forum, a series of Life Science Live Labs will be held on laboratory automation and technological innovations that facilitate drug and life science research. More than 50 Chinese and international companies will showcase their laboratory technology and equipment, in addition to the software, services and laboratory construction programs that are crucial to lab automation.

4Workshops - The labtech China Congress workshops will be a combination of technology, application, training and interaction. With its new topics, high-quality speeches and professional services, participants will be able to learn from cutting-edge academic researches, and acquire practical skills from successful cases. The workshops will be held along with the on-site EHS, Life Sciences Live Lab and Smart Lab. Over 20 representatives from Laboraplaner, Perkins Will, Creative Solutions, asecos, and the 11th IT Electronics Design Institute will give talks on the following topics: Ventilation Cabinet: What you might not know, the safe labs in the 21st century, lab planning and design, lab flexibility with functional ceilings, the design of a safe and healthy laboratory, and innovative lab sustainability.

5Advanced Training Sessions for Lab Staff - Advanced training sessions for laboratory managers and technicians will be offered at labtech China Congress 2019. The courses will address diversified topics: China’s construction of a national quality assurance infrastructure, the latest changes in the traceability of instruments and equipment, the introduction of laws and regulations related to medical laboratory accreditation, and the current status and development of medical laboratory accreditation, and the interpretation of CNAS-CL02: "Medical Laboratory Quality and Capability Recognition Guidelines" and its requirements regarding the instruments, equipment, reagents and consumables as well as common non-conformities. The training sessions are given or directed by Shanghai Quality and Standardization Institute to help the participants understand the status quo of laboratory accreditation in China, the role of management in lab operations, and the specific requirements of medical laboratories in terms of instruments, equipment, reagents, and consumables.

Safe, Smart and Sustainable: Live labs & Innovation Areas

Safe, Smart and Sustainable are the three keywords of labtech China Congress 2019. They are also the focus of the exhibition held along with the conference, which, together with the Live Labs, gives an innovative display of the topics that the users are most concerned about: laboratory environment and safety, smart laboratory technology, and innovative instruments and technologies. The Live Lab area of over 500 square meters will be built under the support of the conference partners, including Waldner, Shanghai Hanguang Industrial Co., Ltd., Shanghai Taixiong Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd., Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening, Shanghai Biotechnology Corporation., Dandelion, and BGI Manufacturing. The Live Labs include the Life Science Live Lab, the Smart Live Lab, the EHS Live Lab, and the Gene Sequencing Live Lab. Leading brands as Agilent, Waters, Danaher, PerkinElmer, Eppendorf, Mellie, Merck, Jena, TECAN, HAMILTON, Zeiss, TTPLABTECH, and PAA will offer live demos and lectures on laboratory automation and drug screening, single cell suspension preparation, Smart Microorganisms, TECAN Automation Solutions in precision medicine, digital laboratories, and laboratory safety. They will also exhibit their laboratory technology and automation related instrumentation, software, services, solution and laboratory construction programs.

The Live Labs & Innovation Area present solutions for the entire laboratory ecosystem, including laboratory design, planning, construction, operations, processes, and management. A new model of exhibition is adopted: new products and technologies are exhibited in real scenarios; diversified exhibits are brought together in different modules; automatic & IT-supported applications, advanced instruments and equipment are exhibited with innovative demonstrations and high-efficiency workflow; training sessions on lab safety and management ensures face-to-face interaction.

Tickets & Benefits

Exhibition Ticket: ¥198RMB /person

Benefits: 800 sqm Live Lab & Innovation Area, over 30 workshops, tea break *2/day (¥398)

Conference Through Ticket: ¥980 RMB /person

Benefits: 3 forums, over 100 lectures, over 30 workshops, 800 sqm Live Lab & Innovation Area, tea break *2/day (¥398), conference material bag

VIP Through Ticket: ¥1,980 RMB /person

Benefits: reserved seats in the front area, hotel buffet lunch*2 (¥888), VIP gift packs(¥498), 3 forums, over 100 lectures, over 30 workshops, 800 sqm Live Lab & Innovation Area, tea break *2/day (¥398), conference material bag

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About labtech China Congress

labtech China Congress is developed by analytica China, the leading laboratory exhibition in Asia. Labtech China Congress presents the future-oriented laboratory ecosystem and its full life cycle from the planning and construction of laboratory complex, to the innovative laboratory technology and products, laboratory management and services. The congress is committed to promoting the sustainable development of laboratory planning, construction and management in China. It advocates the trend towards intelligent and sustainable laboratories, and concerns the safety and health of laboratory staff.

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