Advisory Board Nomination Process 

SEFA's Advisory Board has established a Membership Committee which consists of five (5) members, including the current Co-Chairs of the Advisory Board, SEFA’s Executive Director and two (2) additional Advisory Board Members selected by SEFA’s Board of Directors.

In order to be considered for membership on SEFA’s Advisory Board the applicant must submit two (2) letters of recommendation from SEFA Members in good standing along with a copy of their CV.

The letters shall be addressed to:

David J. Sutton, Executive Director & General Counsel
Scientific Equipment & Furniture Association
1320 Main Street, Ste 300, Columbia, SC  29201

The letters should reference the candidate's personal and professional reputation; professional affiliations and include a brief statement of what the applicant will contribute to the Advisory Board and SEFA's activities.

The Membership Committee shall conduct a telephone interview of the applicant to insure that he or she meets the qualifications of membership set forth in SEFA’s By-Laws, Section 3.1 Classes of Membership ¶(b) Advisory Board Member.  Immediately following the telephone interview the Membership Committee will re-convene for a vote on the suitability of the applicant.   This vote must be unanimous.  

Once the applicant has been approved by the Membership Committee, SEFA’s Executive Director shall notify the entire membership of the individual’s name and interest in serving on the Advisory Board. 

Any SEFA member wishing to comment on the suitability of the applicant  (either positively or negatively) will have fourteen (14) days from the date of notification to do so.  Comments should be directed to David Sutton. 

After the comment period has expired, the Executive Director will report to the Membership Committee to share any comments received.  The identity of the individual(s) making such comment(s) will not be disclosed by the Executive Director. 

The Membership Committee will consider all of the information received and make its recommendation to SEFA’s Board of Directors.