Mike Kloosterman Foundation

On Tuesday, October 12, 2004, SEFA members and many non-member industry professionals were deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Michael (Mike) Kloosterman.   At the time of his passing Mike was the SEFA Chair and Director of Domestic Sales for The Durcon Company.  Mike was a great champion of our Association. He took an active role while serving on several committees.  It was clear that he was most passionate about his responsibilities as Membership Chair, having actively recruited new members even after moving on to  his more challenging assignments as Vice Chair and Chair of SEFA.

To many of us Mike was like a brother, a cherished friend who could always bring out a smile.  During the November 2004 Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, SEFA members donned specially-designed pins in Mike's honor.  There were numerous suggestions and discussions about how we would keep Mike's memory alive.  On November 18, 2004, Conference attendees unanimously approved the formation of THE MIKE KLOOSTERMAN FOUNDATION.   The purpose of this Foundation is to distribute Scholarship funds to eligible students interested in the laboratory design field.  SEFA's Board of Directors approved a budget allocation of $5000.00 to begin the process of establishing the Foundation. 

The Mike Kloosterman Foundation has been funded through the generosity of the following supporters:

Robert & Judy Hackman SEFA
Water Saver Faucet  Labconco Corporation
Durcon TFI Inline Design Corp.
Nulab Furniture Corp. Oriental Giken
HEMCO Corp. Wesinco Corporation
LCS Constructors, Inc. Shanghai Beta Lab Furniture Co.
Beijing Mingyuan Weiye Lab Equip Co. Beryl Lab Engineering Co., Ltd.
L M Air Technology, Inc. Lexus Muebles Disenos 
Samin Science Co., Ltd. Bostontec by Case Systems
Tom Schwaller LabCrafters, Inc.,
Cabinets by Design Institutional Casework, Inc.,
Shanghai HuShi Integrated Cleanroom Technologies
Jiangsu Cartmay Industrial Co., Ltd. Flores Valles SA
Shanghai Weizhen Industrial Co., Ltd. Art Lab Equipments
Guangdong Beta Lab Equipment ECHO Res. & Development S.p.A.
C.L. Andrews, LLC., Jiangsu Kylin Sci & Education Equip. Co.
 Vitatech Electromagnetics, LLC., Haldeman-Homme, Inc.
Beijing Zhilab Shanghai Nori
SEE, Ltd.,  Jeff Talka, AIA
Mike Straughn