SEFA's essential purpose is to promote the use of "laboratory grade" furniture equipment and fixtures.

Mission Statement

To become the organization of choice that enables and supports all involved parties in creating humane, safe and effective laboratory environments.

To be the leader in creating laboratory solutions that combine organizational, technological and environmental systems that respond creatively to strategic business issues.

To be the premier organization that provides leadership and teaches member and constituent groups how to work together as a coherent group to create laboratory solutions.

Value Statement 

To advance the professionalism, reputation and effectiveness of our member's participation in the lab design and construction market through promotion and educational programs.

Sustainability Resolution

In recognition of growing concerns regarding the environment the following resolution was unanimously adopted by SEFA Members at its Meeting in San Antonio, Texas in November of 2001:

  • SEFA supports rational practices to encourage sustainable solutions in the design, construction, renovation and operation of laboratories.
  • SEFA recognizes that there are many different methods that help promote sustainable solutions.
  • SEFA will continue to educate its members and their customers regarding sustainable solutions and developments. 

Core Values

  • Manufacturer driven;
  • North American driven, but international in scope;
  • Furniture and equipment (other related, generally construction driven products);
  • Influence and interact with the lab market, not react;
  • A source of member education and growth (both personal and company) to enhance member business and minimize associated risk;
  • Supports other related constituencies;
  • Adaptable to the consequences of changes in technology; and
  • Responsive to the varied needs of our members.