SEFA Partners with AMG World

SEFA is delighted to be partnering with AMG World for the Lab Facilities Summit Europe event taking place on February 15, 2024  at the Copthorne Tara Hotel, Kensington, London, UK.   Lab Facilities Management Experts unite at Lab Facilities Summit Europe to share best practice strategies to develop Agile and future-proof lab facilities models.

Join us for the Lab Facilities Summit Europe to hear industry leaders share best practice strategies
and exchange know-hows to streamline operations, reduce downtimes, and enhance long-term ROI.
The need for enhanced research efforts partnered with the drive towards sustainability is forcing
European pharma companies to reapproach how they design, operate, and manage their lab
facilities to ensure they are safe, future-proof, and occupant-centric, whilst enabling improved
product quality.

However, European lab owners are facing key challenges such as the navigating the unique
regulatory landscape, shifting real-estate market, internal resources, and high-upfront costs.
To help these organisations overcome their challenges, SEFA Labs will be providing insights to
attendees and expert speakers from pharma, biotech, and life science organisations and aid them in
building the lab facilities of the future.

Other speakers from leading organisations sharing their insights include:

• Daniel Johansson, Director, AstraZeneca
• Tom Kissling, Scientific Operations Chapter Lead, Roche
• Raj Kumar Patra, Product Group Lead – Quality and EHS, Reckitt
• Ines Ladeiro, Group Regulatory Affairs – Licensing Manager, UniLabs Group Services
• Tomas Leek, Director, AstraZeneca
• Frederic Perrier, Engineering and Maintenance Project Definition Lead, GSK

Join SEFA Labs at Lab Facilities Summit Europe to hear best practice strategies to develop agile andfuture-proof lab facilities models to streamline operations, reduce downtime, and enhance long-term ROI.

Find out more and register using our 15% discount code PARTNER15 by visiting, emailing [email protected] or calling +44 (0) 113 3970 379 for
more details.

2024 Calendar of Events

  • Lab Facilities Europe – 15 February, 2024, Kensington, London, UK
  • Lab Facilities Summit East – 19 March 2024, Boston, MA
  • Future Labs, Automation & Technology East – 21 May 2024, Boston, MA
  • Lab Facilities Summit West – 24 September 2024, San Diego, CA
  • Future Labs, Automation & Technology West – 19 November 2024, San Diego, CA
  • Lab Facilities Summit Europe  - 3 December 2024, London, UK
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