SEFA members work together to establish, monitor and modify industry-wide Recommended Practices in the areas of fume hoods; ductless hoods; laboratory work surfaces; equipment and furniture installations; laboratory grade casework and fixtures.  SEFA is constantly exploring other areas of common interest to expand the scope of its Recommended Practices.

The Recommended Practices are invaluable tools in proposal writing, contract negotiations, installation and work procedures, as well as liability and responsibility determination. They promote better understanding and relationships between member companies, architects, contractors and end-users.

Through SEFA Recommended Practices, member companies take charge of the conditions and environment in which they work, raising the level of responsiveness in their industry, thus providing the customer with quality products and services.

SEFA and its committees are active in the development and promotion of recommended practices having domestic and international applications. Recommended practices are developed by the association taking into account the work of other international standard-writing organizations. Liaison is also maintained with governmental agencies in the development of their specifications.

These Recommended Practices are published collectively in the SEFA Desk Reference, which is available for complimentary download through the link below.

SEFA Fifth Edition Desk Reference - Version 4.0

SEFA welcomes any proposed changes or additions to these recommended practices and encourages all interested parties to participate in this important endeavor.

SEFA DisclaimerSEFA uses its best effort to promulgate Recommended Practices for the benefit of the public in light of available information and accepted industry practices. SEFA does not guarantee, certify, or assure the safety or performance of any products, components, or systems tested, installed, or operated in accordance with SEFA Recommended Practices or that any tests conducted under its Recommended Practice will be non-hazardous or free from risk.