SEFA 1 – Fume Hoods – (ASHRAE 110)*

Member Company

Product Name/ID

Air Control, Inc.,

FH-2-FM-PVC-6ft ICL-025 Wet Process Hood; CS-41-SS-8Ft

TBD-073 Chemical Wet Process Station; FH-25-FM-PVC-8FT

TBD-029 Parts Quartz Clean Hood; FH-61-SS - 6Ft - TBD-88

Restricted By-pass Fume Hood

Air Master Systems

EH-48-HP; EH-60-HP; EH-72-HP; EH-96-HP; EH-411-72W;

Solution Series 4ft.; 5ft.; 6ft. and 8ft.

Student Lab Fume Hoods - SWS-48, SWS-60 and SWS-72


Vanguard Fume Hood - 4ft.; 5ft. and 6ft.


RX Smart Fume Cupboards 1200; 1500; 1800; 2100

RX Full Fume Cupboards 1500; 1800; 2100; 2400

LOGIKA 1500; EVO Lite 1500

Biotech And Scientific Co., Ltd.

BIO 120 Fume Hood

BIO 150 Fume Hood




Models XFL-PR 120;  XFL-PR 150;  XFL-PR 180;  XFL-PR 210; XFL-PR 240;

FLOEX PRIME (Model No. A-BY-1800) 6 ft.

Citizen Industries

Models BFH 1500, 1800 and 2400

Dalton Corporation

Uni-Optflow - 6 ft.

Daxpro (Suzhou) Lab System


Delta Laboratuvar

Wide Bench-Type Fume Hood 4 ft; 5 ft and 6ft

Design Alternative

FH 120SE/PP; FH 150SE/PP; FH 180SE/PP; FH 200SE/PP

e-Laborator Feeria Srl

Bench-Type Fume Hood 1366mm; 1666mm and 1966mm

Model Nos. NC-120; NC-150 and NC-180

Flow Sciences

1500 mm Safe-T Flow Chemical Hood

GD Waldner India Pvt., Ltd.

XGEN Hood - 6 Ft.

Genie Scientific

400 SL; 600 SL and 800 SL

Godrej & Boyce

AEOLUS 1.5m Wide LCV Bench Hood

H.H. Hawkins

4 Ft. Fume Hood Model 111-48-PR; 5 Ft. Fume Hood Model 111-60-PR;

6 Ft Fume Hood Model 111-72-PR

Hanson Lab Solutions

5 SA70 Fume Hood


UniFlow SE AireStream Fume Hood 8ft. #45821; 4ft #45421

ICI Scientific

Jamestown F350-72G5 Benchtop

Kewaunee Scientific Corp

Venturi Hood - 6 Ft.

LM Air Technology, Inc.

PFH 4C - 4ft;  PHF 6C - 6ft  PFH 8C-VAV


6ft Xstream

Lab Crafters, Inc.

6ft Air Sentry

LabGuard India Pvt. Ltd.

Model EKA 1800;   ADVENTA ST1500-LCV and ST1800-LCV

INVENTA ST1500-LCV;ST1800-LCV and 2400-LCV

Mott Mfg.

Pro Series - 4, 5, 6 & 8Ft; RFV2 5, 6, 8Ft;

SafeGuard 4, 5, 6 & 8Ft.

Official Equipment Mfg. Co., Ltd

FLEXLAB FH120DC-4 ft; FH150 DC-5ft; FH180DC- 6ft; 

FH200DC - 6.5 ft 

Protech Company

Fume Tech 1200; Fume Tech 1500 and Fume Tech 1800

S+B UK Ltd

39" Ecoline Fume Cupboard

S.K. Powerables Co., Ltd.

Model FH45-15 1500mm Wide Bench-Type Hood 

S & F Scientific

Model - PortLab

Samin Science Co., Ltd.

Labsis FHS 5Ft.

Space Plus Design Labs Pvt., Ltd.

VersaCore 1500 Fume Hood

Steelcase India

Sci-Safeflow 1500 – 1.5 m Wide Bench Hood

Waldner Laboreinrichtungen

SI 3 Hood; RWI Secuflow Hood

Wesemann Schweiz AG

Model #DS-DG03-1500

Yamato Scientific

Fume Hood Model #GF1M-15


*The Fume Hood Committee is currently considering additional testing criteria which companies may be required to submit in order to establish SEFA 1 Compliance.