SEFA 7 – Laboratory Fixtures

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Product Name/ID

BrandTech (R) Scientific, Inc.

Lab vacuum fixtures, network server pumps and modular networks


Chemical Resistance - Brass  Panels with Powdercoat Finish

Carlos Arboles, S.A.

Chemical Resistance - Metal Panels - White Epoxy Finish #E714-G7 1127

GCE DruVa GmbH

Industrial Regulator Model # LTLJ000004 - tested to ISO 7291-

Oxygen Pressure Surge Test

Nuova Far S.R.L.

Chemical Resistance - Steel & Aluminum  Panels with Powdercoat Finish

Spectron Gas Control Systems

SP300 - Safety device for high purity gases meets  Directive 2014/68/EU 
Water Saver Faucet Co.

Chemical Resistance - Clear Epoxy Finish