Member Product Testing

SEFA Executive Member Product Testing Information

In November of 2015 SEFA’s Members voted unanimously in favor of an amendment to the SEFA By-Laws, requiring all Executive Members to submit a certified test report from a SEFA-approved test lab, demonstrating that they manufacture at least one laboratory grade product that complies with a SEFA Recommended Practice. 

Below is a list of SEFA's current Recommended Practices.  Click on the specific Recommended Practice you are interested in to access the current list of SEFA members who have submitted third-party test reports establishing compliance with that standard:


SEFA 1 – Fume Hoods – (ASHRAE 110)
SEFA 3 – Work Surfaces (Chemical Resistance)
SEFA 7 – Laboratory Fixtures
SEFA 8 – Metal Casework
SEFA 8 - Phenolic Casework
SEFA 8 – Plastic Laminate
SEFA 8 – Polypropylene Casework
SEFA 8 – Wood Casework
SEFA 9 Ductless Enclosures
SEFA 10 – Adaptable Systems
SEFA 11– Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets

 SEFA 12 - Laboratory Grade Seating